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Alcoholics Anonymous History
Let Our Creator, A.A. History, and the Big Book Be Your Guide

By Dick B.

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Let Our Creator, A.A. History, and the Big Book Be Your Guide

Twelve Steps for You by Dick B.How do I take Twelve Steps in A.A. or any other12 Step Fellowship? How do I work those Steps?  How do people practice the 10th, 11th, and 12th Steps?  And how many times have you heard these questions asked - with no simple, complete answers?  Author Dick B. has spent thirteen years researching the roots of Alcoholics Anonymous, its Big Book, its Twelve Steps, and the way in which these were developed. And now, he presents a group of simple instructions based on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous, the contributions of its founders, and the ideas of its predecessors.

In just a few pages, you can learn what the "Twelve" ideas were in Bill Wilson's mind, in the practices of the pioneers in Akron, in the so-called "six steps" in Bill's word-of-mouth summaries, in the journal kept by Dr. Bob's wife Anne Smith, in the teachings and writings of Bill's spiritual mentor Rev. Samuel Moor Shoemaker, Jr. of Calvary Church in New York, in the life-changing program of the Oxford Group from which A.A. sprang, and in the Bible - from which all of the basic ideas were borrowed.

More still, you will see how to take the Steps in accordance with the instructions in A.A.'s Big Book, how to understand each Step in terms of its historical roots, and how you can understand the Steps far better if you see how they fit into the A.A. spiritual concepts of "finding God," "reliance on the Creator," "establishing a relationship with God," and practicing the principles of the Bible as they found their way into the principles of the 12 Step program.

Long needed, this simple tool meets the requests of clergy, sponsors, counselors, therapists, facilitators, and those wanting accurate, helpful guidance from the Bible, A.A.'s founders, and A.A.'s Big Book. Dick B. is a hands-on AA. He has long been active in the program, gone to Big Book Seminars, attended thousands of meetings and conferences, conducted history programs, and sponsored almost 100 men and women in their recovery. He knows the questions. He researched the answers. He passed them on to those in need. And now he presents them for you.

Paradise Research Publications, Inc., 94 pp.; 6 x 9; perfect bound; 2006; $21.95; ISBN 1-885803-98-2.

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