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Alcoholics Anonymous History
A.A. Origins – Christian Healings

Dick B.
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We are beginning a series of articles on the five principal Christian organizations and people that impacted on the Christian healings and Christian program of early A.A. founded in 1935. A.A. history, to be complete, needs to present these items.

A.A. History needs to detail the precise role of evangelists and revivalists, the YMCA, the rescue missions, the Salvation Army, and the Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor.

We have summarized them all in our new class: "Introductory Foundations for Christian Recovery," and we have also documented the details. See We are now going to flesh out the summarized A.A. origins and Christian healing roots. We will do so in a series of articles on my blog:

The article currently presented on the blog site has to do with the famous baseball star and evangelist Billy Sunday. Billy’s importance lies in the fact that he was involved in just about all the very same Christian activities and groups that impacted on A.A. cofounders Dr. Bob and Bill W. For Billy Sunday, like A.A.’s cofounders, was much involved in—evangelism, revivals, and conversions. He himself—like Bill Wilson--was converted to God through Jesus Christ through a rescue missions. As with both Dr. Bob and Bill W., Billy Sunday was much involved in the YMCA. And, like Dr. Bob, Billy Sunday was not only active in Young People's Christian Endeavor Society; he also addressed many meetings at the “Y” and at Christian Endeavor. These influences that Dr. Bob, Bill W., and Billy Sunday had in common, plus the well-known and studied Salvation Army outreach to derelicts and drunks, established the Christian planks on which the early A.A. Christian fellowship was built, starting in 1935.

See our blog: www.mauihistorian.blogspot.comn. God Bless, Dick B.


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