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Alcoholics Anonymous History

By Dick B.

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The Akron Genesis of Alcoholics Anonymous

AKRON GENESIS OF ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS HISTORY, AKRON, akron a.a.Finally—a history that ties together the events in New York and Akron during A.A.'s formative years from 1931-1939. It tells of the Bud Firestone Miracle and the 1933 Oxford Group events in Akron. Then of the early meetings in New York and Akron. It details the specific contributions to A.A. that T. Henry and Clarace Williams, Henrietta Seiberling, Bill Wilson, and Dr. Bob and Anne Smith made at A.A.'s Akron birthplace. It covers the when, where and how of A.A.'s birth. There are details as to surrenders, hospitalization, meetings, literature, Bible study and prayer and meditation, and what the Akron people did in their homes. And there are precise traces from the Bible, the Four Absolutes, Christian writers, and the Oxford Group into the Twelve Steps and the Big Book. This book is about what Akron gave to A.A. and what A.A. can attribute to its Akron birthplace.

Foreword by former U.S. Congressman John F. Seiberling, Director of the Peace Center, Akron University, whose mother, Henrietta Seiberling, was instrumental in A.A.'s founding. 



"Dick's book makes Dr. Bob's home and the Akron A.A. story come alive. It vividly shows the love and service that flowed from A.A.'s birthplace."

Ray G.
Archivist, Dr. Bob's Home

"I was glad to see this historical account of just how T. Henry and Clarace Williams, Henrietta Seiberling, Bill Wilson, and Dr. Bob and his wife, Anne, worked together in Akron in the 1930's to build a program that touched the entire world."

Mrs. D. W. Culver
Daughter of T. Henry Williams, an A.A.

"If you ever wondered about the amazing sequence of events—and the divinely inspired focuses—which converged to make Akron the birthplace of Alcoholics Anonymous, this book is for you."

James D. and Eleanor Forde Newton
Authors of Uncommon Friends and The Guidance of God
Oxford Group Ac
ivists for 70 years
Friends of Frank Buchman and Sam Shoemaker

Paradise Research Publications, Inc.; 400 pp., 6 x 9; perfect bound; 1997; $23.95; ISBN 1-885803-17-6

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