Alcoholics Anonymous & History of AA

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Alcoholics Anonymous History

A List of A.A. History Sites - Updated Regularly

Early Alcoholics Anonymous Resource Contacts


 Mel B., Toledo, Ohio
Bill B., Wyoming, Delaware
Dick B., Kihei, Hawaii
Steve F., Altamonte Springs, Florida
Ray G., Newton Falls, Ohio
Mitch K., Washingtonville, New York
Karen P., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bill P., Minnesota
Veronica R., Woodland, California

 Writers and Some Key Titles

 Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age – A.A. Conference Approved

Mel B. – New Wine; My Search for Bill W.; Ebby; Three Recovery Classics-  James Allen, Henry Drummond, St. Francis Prayer; Walk in Dry  Places, and others

Dick B. – The Good Book and The Big Book, The Oxford Group and Alcoholics Anonymous, New Light on Alcoholism, Anne Smith’s    Journal, Dr. Bob and His Library, Why Early A.A. Succeeded, Good   Morning, The James Club, The Akron Genesis of A.A., Turning Point, Twelve Steps for You, and others

Charles Bufe – Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure?, and others

Cheever, Susan, Bill W.

Glenn Chesnut – The Higher Power

Mary Darrah – Sister Ignatia, Angel of Alcoholics Anonymous

DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers – A.A. Conference Approved

Robert Fitzgerald, S. J. – The Soul of Sponsorship

Steve F., Dale R., Jack R. – Our Faith Community Legacy (Clarence Snyder)

Francis Hartigan – Bill W.

Ketchum, Katherine et. al.  - Beyond The Influence

Mitch K. – How It Worked (Clarence Snyder and Cleveland)

Charlotte Hunter, et. al., Women Pioneers in Twelve Step Recovery

Richard K. – So You Think Drunks Can’t Be Cured?, The First Forty,  Separating Fact From Fiction

Ernest Kurtz – Not-God, The Collected Ernie Kurtz, The Spirituality of  Imperfection (with Kartherine Ketchum)

Garth Lean – Frank Buchman: A Life

Pass It On – A.A. Conference Approved

Wally Paton – Back to Basics, But for the Grace of God, How to Listen to God

Bill Pittman – AA The Way It Began, Courage to Change (with Dick B.),

Nan Robertson – Getting Well Inside Alcoholics Anonymous

Ken Ragge – The Real AA

Matthew J. Raphael – Bill W. and Mr. Wilson

Samuel Moor Shoemaker, Jr. – See the extensive and complete bibliography of Shoemaker’s titles, articles, pamphlets, sermons, and papers in Dick B., Making Known the Biblical History of A.A.; New Light on Alcoholism

Bob Smith and Sue Smith Windows – Children of the Healer

The Language of the Heart – A.A. Conference Approved

Robert Thomsen – Bill W.

Tom White – Bill W.

William White – Slaying the Dragon

Bill W. – Bill W. -- My  First 40 Years (autobiography)

Lois Wilson – Lois Remembers

Nell Wing – Grateful to Have Been There

Major Historical Collections

Ray G., archivist at Dr. Bob’s Home – traveling to conferences with his collection with summer situs in Ohio and winter situs in Florida

Dr. Bob’s Home, Akron

The Griffith House Library, Wilson House, East Dorset, Vermont

Dick B., Dr. Bob’s Library Collection, Kihei, Hawaii

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Akron (Dr. Bob’s church)

Stepping Stones, Bedford Hills, New York (Home of Bill and Lois Wilson)

Hazelden-Pittman Archives, Center City, Minnesota

Akron Intergroup Archives

Brown University – Chester Kirk Collection

Val and Veronica R. – Woodland, California

 History Websites

 (Dick B., List of A.A. History Sites;


Several Particularly Important A.A. History Web Sites
© 2005 by Dick B.

 The History of Alcoholics Anonymous –

 Alcoholics Anonymous & Alcoholics Anonymous History

 LD “P” Alcoholics Anonymous History and Recovery Pages

 Chester’s Recovery Pages

 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute, University of Washington

 Recovery Resources Online

 Barefoot’s World Domain

 Alcoholics Anonymous of Midland, Michigan

 Mental Health Matters – Articles

 Religious Movements in the United StatesUniversity of Virginia Pages

 Virtual Religion Index – Rutgers

 A List of A.A. History Sites

 Also check out Alcoholics Anonymous History on Google, Yahoo, MSN, Open Directory



Information Please

What Alcoholics and Addicts Can Learn about A.A. History Today

Dick B.

© 2003. All Rights Reserved

When I began my search for A.A. history thirteen years ago, there were few available books, fewer facts, and even fewer resources available to fill in the huge gaps. Today we can be thankful for what the bursting and overflowing internet sites, search engines, and directories offer. A few are accurate. A few are censored. A few are distorted. A few are incomplete. A few are critical and yet highly useful. A few are downright misleading. Most omit any significant details on the spiritual history, roots, and sources of the pioneer program. Together, however, they represent an immense amount of hard work. Together they provide starting points for accurate research at the click of the mouse. Together they enable the search for the complete historical picture to go forward and save lives. And this article will merely point to some paths, rather than purporting to report the complete picture.

August 2013 Update to A List of AA History Sites:


AA History and Photos

AA Research - Study

Addiction Treatment Centers

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute – University of Washington

Alcohol Awareness Council

Alcohol Information by Dr. Ruth Engs

Alcoholics and God – Liberty Magazine Article

Alcoholics Anonymous – History

Henrietta Buckler Seiberling         

i-seek health – AA History

Oxford Group Influences on AA – Updated History

Recovery Links – York Street

IRIS – Rutgers’ University Library Information System      

Religious Resources

The Addiction Rehabilitation Process

The Pittsburgh Experiment – founded by Sam Shoemaker

Triangle Club

Troubled Teen Programs

Twelve Steps for You


A.A. History

Informational Web Sites - with many many more that can be found on the search engines

Alcoholics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous History (Dick B., Hawaii)


Quiet Time and Meditation:

Anne Ripley Smith, Dr. Bob’s wife:

Rev. Samuel M. Shoemaker, "co-founder":

Oxford Group Life-changing Program:

Christian literature they read:


Alcoholics Anonymous AA History and Book Bibliography (L D. P., Oklahoma)

AA Archives - Akron

A.A. GSO Watch

A.A. History

A.A. History

AA of Midland, Michigan (Alcoholism/Substance Abuse–Mitch K.’s materials)

Anonymous One (see FAQ section)

Barefoot’s World

Brown University Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Studies

Burke’s Holgate Street

Center for Alcohol Study at Rutgers

Christianity Today.Com (Philip Yancey article of July 10, 2000) 

Cybriety. org

Emerald Valley Intergroup

Hazelden Resource Center

Just For Today

Mental Health Matters Articles

Moral Re-Armament/Oxford Group

Online AA Recovery Resources

Psychoheresy and the Bobgans

RBC Ministries

Religious Movements (University of Virginia - study of AA)

See Sharp Press

Sober City

Sober Recovery

Sponsor to Sponsor

Stepping Stones

The History of Alcoholics Anonymous

The History of Alcoholics Anonymous

The Jaywalker Site

The Orange Papers

The Pittsburgh Experiment (See history and links)

The Recovery Directory (AA History)

The Recovery Emporium: AA History Website Directory

The Stanton Peele Addiction Website

The Wilson House

Water Wagon San Diego (Alcoholism 101)

12 Steps To Destruction by Martin and Deidre Bobgan (See Hall Biographies)

As stated, there are many other sites. These include Nancy O. and her screened history buffs, The Anonymous Press, alt groups, chat rooms and news sites. Some were not easy to pull up for this directory. Some don’t seem to welcome reciprocal listings. And some may simply have vanished for one reason or another. But you can get all the leads you want from the resource sites above.

Religious Resource Sites of Interest:

(Our materials can be found through these sites)

Bible Study Notes:

Religious Movements – University of Virginia:

Religion Online:

Religious Resources:

Rutgers University Religion Index:

Youth Pastor Resources:

History Writers - You can locate most of the major history writers and their works on the sites of alibris,, Barnes and Noble, Ebay, and Hazelden or directly on the authors’ own websites. They include: Charlie B., Chaz B., Dick B., Mel B., Mary D., James D., Bob F., Earl H., Francis H., Ernie K., Mitch K., Joe McQ., Bill P., Bob P., Stanton Peele, Wally P., Ken R., Nan R., Clarence S., Jack T., William White, Bob Smith, Sue Smith Windows and Robert Thomsen (both deceased), and Nell Wing

History Archives of major significance - The Griffith House Library at Bill Wilson’s birthplace at East Dorset, Vermont; Dr. Bob’s Home in Akron, supplemented by its archivist Ray G.’s traveling archives; Akron Intergroup archives; St. Paul’s Church library in Akron; Brown University Center for Addiction Studies in Rhode Island; Hazelden/Pittman Archives at Center City, Minnesota; Johnston Recovery Resource Center in Maui; Episcopal Church Archives in Austin; GSO Archives in New York; Hartford Seminary Archives in Connecticut; Frank Buchman Home in Pennsylvania; Moral Re-Armament Headquarters in Washington, D.C.. And I have been engaged for most of the last decade in trying to get these facilities opened to public use, free of charge, in an easily accessible manner.

Important Early AA History titles - A.A.’s own "conference approved" Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age, DR. BOB and the Good Oldtimers, Pass It On, RHS, The Language of the Heart, and the Best of the Grapevine books; the AA of Akron pamphlets available in Akron and Cleveland; and the thousands mentioned in my own Making Known the Biblical History of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is largely available on the internet, is the most complete bibliography of actual AA history titles and manuscripts in existence, and will keep you reading into the next century.


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