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Alcoholics Anonymous History
When Early AAs Were Cured And Why

By Dick B.

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When Early AAs Were Cured And Why

When Early AAs Were Cured and Why by Dick B.This is the 22nd published title by A.A.'s leading historian on the history, roots, program, and successes of early Alcoholics Anonymous. It is of special importance in that the author moves from historical documentation to actual implementation. It tells you exactly how the astonishingly successful program of early A.A. was conducted and how those same elements can be taught, studied, and applied today. If early A.A. achieved a 75% to 93% success rate among "medically incurable" alcoholics who relied on the Creator, and really gave their lives to the program of cure, why not you. Today!

Contents of When Early AAs Were Cured and Why


Chap. 1:           What They Were Saying at Yale (in the 1940's about the Miracle of God’s Cure for Drunks)

Chap. 2:           The Spiritual Origins of Alcoholics Anonymous:

A Much Needed Historical Perspective.

Bill Wilson's "Religious" Background

Dr. Bob's Bible training, Christian Beliefs, and Religious Affiliations

Historical Void Resulting from Failure to Distinguish Between Differing Inputs of Founder

The Bible Dr. Bob Source

The Akron Genesis and Its Bible/Dr. Bob Source

Dr. Bob's Youth, Religious Training, and Christian Church Involvement

Dr. Bob's Assertions on the Bible's Importance

Old Fashioned Prayer and Revival in Akron Meetings

The Christian Endeavor Movement Impact

Descriptions of Christian Endeavor

The Oxford Group Bill W. Source

The Rowland Hazard Starting Point

Bill Wilson's Conversion

The Real Message as to the New Man in Christ Not Yet Fashioned, and Not from Bill

Melding the Two Different Sources Was the Appointed Task of Bill W.

Chap. 3:           The Akron Crucible Where It All Began

The Real Program of Early A.A.

An Overview of What They Did in Akron

The Frank Amos Reports in 1938

The Big Book Publication in 1939

The Akron A.A. Recovery Pamphlets

The Special Role of Three Women Pioneers—Anne Smith, Henrietta Seiberling, Eleanor Forde

Chap. 4:           The Real Spiritual Roots of Early A.A.'s Program of Recovery

The Six Major Biblical Roots

The Bible

Quiet Time

Anne Smith's Journal

The Teachings of Rev. Shoemaker

The Life-changing Program of the Oxford Group

The Christian Literature the Pioneers Studied

Other "Spiritual" Roots

Carl Jung

William James

the “New Thought” crowd

the "Farther Out" crowd

Bill Wilson's Tight Rope

Confusions Among the Conclusions

Chap. 5:           Who Let the "goofy gods" into A.A.

Who Is God as Early AAs Spoke of Him

Bill's Injected Substitutionary Words—Never Intended to Invent "Other" gods

Not Intended as False gods

“God as We Understood Him”

“A Power Greater Than Ourselves”

“Higher Power”

Enter the "goofy gods" through the Back Door

A.A. People May Be Sick But They Are Not Stupid

Is There Any Prospect That the Nonsense Will Go?

Chap. 6:           The Bible and Alcoholics Anonymous

The Overview

Yahweh, the Creator

Three Segments Dr. Bob Considered Essential

Additional Parts

A Different Scene Today

A Study of the Sermon on the Mount in A.A.

A Study of the Book of James in A.A.

A Study of 1 Corinthians 13 in A.A.

Chap. 7:           The Creator and the Cure of Alcoholism: Miracle or Myth?

What Is the "Alcoholism" of Which the Pioneers Were Cured?

The Countless Claims of Cure by Early AAs

There Is Nothing New When It Comes to God's Miracles and Cures

The A.A. Detour

Back on the Path to Yahweh and Accomplishing the "Impossible"

Cure! A Miracle or a Myth. You Decide


Appendix 1:    The Creator's Personal Name Is Yahweh
Appendix 2:    Rev. Sam Shoemaker, an A.A. "Co-founder" and Spiritual Source
Appendix 3:    Miracles Not to Be Forgotten—Miracles through the Ages Documented
Appendix 4:    For A.A. Pioneers, Alcoholism Was Curable and Cured



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