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Alcoholics Anonymous History
A New Way In
Reaching the Heart of a Child of God in Recovery with His Own, Powerful Historical Roots

By Dick B.

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A New Way In
Reaching the Heart of a Child of God in Recovery with His Own, Powerful Historical Roots

Pioneer AAs built their house on a rock: the truth in the Good Book; they invented nothing new. They quit drinking and resisted temptation; relied on God; abandoned evil behavior; grew in fellowship with the Father; and reached out in love and service to others still suffering. In Akron and Cleveland, they attained a documented 75 to 93% success rate among seemingly hopeless, medically incurable alcoholics who really tried. They followed simple principles from the Salvation Army, Christian Endeavor, Rescue Mission, Oxford Group, and YMCA leaders who charted the course. This book will persuade you that, if you show the child of God these truths today, he’ll stick with A.A. and the Steps, ignore idol worship and religious criticism, and bring the truth about our Creator’s healings, liberty, forgiveness, and love to the front-line struggles for sobriety and cure in an increasingly doubtful, fear-filled, unbelieving world. Each ambassador can reach the newcomer and flustered old-timer with truth. With God, nothing is impossible.

Contents of A New Way In

Part 1:  The Akron A.A. Christian Program That Cured Alcoholics

Part 2:  Teach the Puzzled Seeker Some Special Fragments of Early A.A. History and Roots

Part 3:  Tell the Newcomer the Pioneers Were Cured. Ask, “Why Not You?”

Part 4:  For Facts about Why Early A.A. Succeeded, Look at the Successful Powerhouses That Preceded and Influenced It

Part 5: Look at Several Newly-Researched Factors That Point up the Major Structure of the Early A.A. Program

Part 6:  What Every Christian in Recovery Ought to Know Individually

Paradise Research Publications, Inc.; 96 pp.; 6 x 9; perfect bound; 2006; $19.95; ISBN 1-885803-88-5


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