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Alcoholics Anonymous and the Bible:
List of A.A. History Sites
(by Dick B.)

A.A. History Articles Series by Dick B.

A.A.'s Bible Roots

A.A.'s Meditation Roots

A.A.'s Shoemaker Roots

A.A.'s Roots from Dr. Bob's Wife Anne

A.A.'s Oxford Group Roots

A.A.'s Christian Literature Roots

A.A. Basic Ideas

A.A. History Resource Websites Printing Most of Dick's Articles in Full

A.A. History and Bibliography, posting most of Dick=s articles, and offering them on CD ROM

AnonymousOne.com, posting many of Dick=s articles, on its articles pages

Mental-Health-Matters, posting a large number of Dick=s articles on its articles pages

Ncubator, a Christian site, listing Dick as an Editor, and posting many of his articles

NI-COR, a comprehensive site, with Dick on the Board of Editors, and posting many articles

Silkworth.net, featuring Dick=s 5 Oxford Group articles and articles on early A.A.=s >Four Absolutes= - Honesty, Purity, Unselfishness, and Love

Sober City, posting most of Dick=s articles

Sponsor to Sponsor, supporting Dick=s articles and dissemination efforts

A.A. History Articles by Dick B.

(Essays and Comments on A.A. History, based on Dick B.=s 19 published A.A. History Titles and 13 years of research. All are posted on the web in one or more of the sites listed above, for which we thank each and every one of the sites)

  • The Spiritual Beginnings of A.A.

  • A Day with the Akron A.A. Pioneers

  • Dick B.'s Address at Archives 2000 on the Six Major Roots of A.A.

  • A Review of Earliest A.A.'s Roots

  • An Early A.A. Suggestion: May You Find God Now!

  • May You Find God Now raises the issue: Are we still seeking Him

  • Starting Your Journey to God as Early AAs did understand Him

  • Our Creator and Early A.A. The Pioneers Found Him: Have We Lost Him?

  • The Creator, any "God," Not god, or Radiator?

  • The Name of the Creator [YHWH - pronounced "Yahweh"]

  • Learn what the Bible says about the Creator

  • A.A., the Creator, and the "Love of God" - Part One: Dealing with the A.A. Scene Today

  • A.A., the Creator, and the "Love of God" - Part Two: The Creator and the "Power"

  • A.A., the Creator, and the "Love of God" - Part Three: The Meaning of "Love of God"

  • Some "higher power" Homework: Part One - apparent sources

  • More "higher power" Homework: Part Two - "new thought" sources

  • What is a "power greater than ourselves" - a new "god" or the Creator?

  • "God as you understand Him" - the Shoemaker source

  • Alcoholism - A Cure: The God Factor

  • A.A.'s Roots in the Bible: The Parts Dr. Bob considered" Absolutely Essential"

  • A.A.'s Bible Roots and the sermon on the mount

  • A.A.'s Bible Roots and the Book of James

  • A.A.'s Bible Roots and 1 Corinthians 13

  • A.A.'s Roots - Jesus's sermon on the mount

  • Roundtable Series on A.A.'s Biblical Roots - Part One

  • Roundtable Series on A.A.'s Biblical Roots - Part Two

  • Roundtable Series on A.A.'s Biblical Roots - Part Three

  • Roundtable Series on A.A.'s Biblical Roots - Part Four

  • A Look at "Meditation" in Early A.A.

  • Anne Ripley Smith, wife of Dr. Bob, Mother and Co-Founder of A.A.

  • Anne Ripley Smith, Mother of A.A. - Part One (introducing her)

  • Anne Ripley Smith, Mother of A.A. - Part Two (diving in to her spiritual journal)

  • Rev. Sam Shoemaker, an A.A. "Co-Founder" and Spiritual Source

  • So I Stay Near the Door - Sam Shoemaker's Apologia

  • A.A., Rev. Sam Shoemaker, and the Oxford Group - Part One

  • A.A., Rev. Sam Shoemaker, and the Oxford Group - Part Two

  • The Oxford Group and Alcoholics Anonymous - Part One

  • The Oxford Group and Alcoholics Anonymous - Part Two

  • The Oxford Group and Alcoholics Anonymous - Part Three

  • The Oxford Group and Alcoholics Anonymous - Part Four

  • Alcoholics Anonymous and its Real Oxford Group

  •  Connection - 20 years of A.A. Input [Five]

  • What Are These "Four Absolutes?"

  • The Four Absolutes - Their Source, Application, and Significance

  • The Four Absolutes - More Revealed (The remarks of Dr. Bob's wife Anne Smith)

  • The Four Absolutes - Still More Revealed

  • A.A. and the Five C.'s: A Root from Soul Surgery

  • The Books and Materials Early AAs Read

  • 12 Step History Reflections

  • A Good Question by a Good Writer - And my quest for A.A. History

  • My "Agenda" Concerning Alcoholics Anonymous

  • My Agenda in writing.

  • Quotable Quotes for A. A. History Buffs

  • More Quotable Quotes for A.A. History Buffs

  • A Review of Our Roots

  • A.A., Its Twelve Steps and History - Challenge for 2003 - To Look at Old School A.A - Part One

  • A.A., Its Twelve Steps and History - Taking the "Cure" Today - Part Two

Dick B.'s Earlier Articles on this Site

Utilizing A.A.'s Spiritual Roots Today

Learning A.A.'s six major roots is only the beginning. The question is whether a knowledge of this history is important and of value today. Can our history be utilized to produce the same kind of recovery from the "seemingly hopeless condition of mind and body" from which the pioneers recovered? Now you can read chapter eight of Dick B.'s title Utilizing A.A.'s Spiritual Roots for Recovery Today, for some valuable suggestions! . . .

Alcoholics Anonymous Study Groups

Probably the most beneficial thing in the author's learning of the recovery program (as embodied in the Big Book and the Twelve Steps) were the Joe and Charlie Big Book Seminars. They did a line by line study of the first 103 pages. They made the unclear clear. They did it with humor, with purpose, and with brevity.

Many have wanted to do something similar with A.A.'s roots, as a complement to the Big Book study. This is being done in some areas. But there can be a much more precise approach, one that will complement the Big Book and enable spiritual growth within A.A. itself. . . .

A.A.'s Consistent Focus on Finding God

Early AAs were intent upon finding and establishing a relationship and fellowship with our Creator--Almighty God. . . .

Let's Go to Early A.A.!

The phrase "early A.A." refers to the early fellowships and meetings those held in Akron, Ohio, between 1935 and 1939 when A.A. was an integral part of "A First Century Christian Fellowship" (also known as the Oxford Group). . . .

Basic Ideas Early AAs Took from the Bible

A number of AAs, A.A. historians, and religious groups have assembled lists of Bible verses from time to time verses which they believe are relative to, or explanatory of the Twelve Steps. But the author's particular research focus has been limited, at the outset, to those books, chapters, and verses in the Bible from which A.A. pioneers actually took the basic ideas they fashioned into their spiritual recovery program. . . .

A.A. "Co-founder", Reverend Samuel Moor Shoemaker, Jr.

Sam Shoemaker was a source of inspiration and guidance for countless individuals. The following article uncovers some rarely seen excerpts from Sam's writings, including his impressions of "A First Century Christian Fellowship" back in 1928, and his well-known article "Act As If", first published in the Christian Herald in 1954....

The Rev. Sam Shoemaker and Sharing Experience: News, Not Views

Bill Wilson obtained lots of A.A. ideas directly from Sam Shoemaker. Some he got indirectly. But there was one message which came to Bill loud and clear and which he repeated in one way or another in every edition of the Big Book. . . .

A.A.'s Dr. Silkworth on Jesus Christ

Dr. William D. Silkworth (who wrote "The Doctor's Opinion" at the beginning of the Big Book) had much to say about Jesus Christ and recovery from alcoholism. . . .

1943 Remarks of Bill W. with Dr. Bob on A.A.'s Need for God, Religion, and the Bible

If you know your early A.A. history, it will not surprise you to learn what A.A. co-founders Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith said on the platform at talks they gave to 4,500 alcoholics, their relatives, and friends at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles in March, 1943. The speeches were reported on page 17, Friday, March 23, 1943, issue of the Roman Catholic newspaper The Tidings. I got my copy from an A.A. old-timer who had the remarks framed. Here are some excerpts from the paper on Bill's remarks. (Dr. Bob's remarks will follow in another posting.)  Bill W.: "An alcoholic is a fellow who is 'trying to get his religion out of a bottle,' when what he really wants is unity within himself, unity with God. . . ." Alcoholics Anonymous recommends a return to religion, resumption of Church attendance, the news report said of Bill's remarks. "There is a definite religious element here," Bill said. "I pray and I feel released." He emphasized, said the newspaper, "Divine Aid was A.A.'s greatest asset...."

After quoting Bill Wilson's statements, the paper detailed some of Dr. Bob's remarks.  The newspaper said the audience rose to its feet in tribute to Dr. Bob. It continued that Dr. Bob spoke "in soft, confident and unhurried words [where] he too reiterated the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous." According to The Tidings, Dr. Bob said: "Read religious literature. Resume church attendance, cultivate the habit of prayer, and transmit the desires and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous to others." The paper added: "He particularly recommended reading the Bible."

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