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July 08, 2013

Alcoholics Anonymous History
Three Large A.A. History and Roots Conferences

Three Large A.A. History and Roots Conferences by Dick B. and Ken B. To Take Place in Maine, Arizona, and the San Francisco Bay Area Soon

Dick B.
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As the interest in the International Christian Recovery Coalition has grown since July of 2009, as the number of meetings and conferences have increased, as the research trips to Vermont, Cleveland, and Akron have been completed, and as books and articles on the “finds” have been published, there has been a large growth in Christian recovery groups, in A.A. history studies, and in the resources that are available and/or yet to be plumbed.

My son Ken and I have therefore been invited to speak, meet, and brainstorm with some fine Christian, long-sober, experienced AAs in three major areas of the United States. They are free, international in scope, and loaded with fine participants. The funding has been made available. And the timing of the Conferences has been set:

1.     The First Nationwide Alcoholics Anonymous History Conference in Portland, Maine, on September 6-7, 2013 where Dick and Ken will also be available for personal meetings and workshops. The conference is free. Registration is required. Excellent participants are already volunteering to be present and share. And we hope to see you who are hungry for reliable facts and a comprehensive historical picture you can apply in recovery today.

2.      The South San Francisco Bay Area Conferences and Meetings Just Following the Maine Conference and Held Before We Return to Maui:

(a)    One event will take place at Cornerstone Fellowship in Livermore, California. It will feature Dick B.’s telling his own recovery story vis a vis his years of research, writing, traveling, and publishing during his continuous sobriety since April 21, 1986. Also, one of the Cornerstone groups will produce a play depicting events at the earliest A.A. meetings in Akron—script arranged with Dick B.

(b)   Another event will take place at Higher Power Celebration in Foster City, California. Here are the details thus far: Friday night Higher Power grandad in area  (150 – 300 attending;) Great worship band (top music: DC Blues; very good professional): 45 minute (7:15-8:00) host 3 minutes; Dick B. at about 8:03 pm for 45-50 minutes; 15 minutes for sharing at the end; speaker/testimony/teacher  "Christian in recovery" and/or 20 years last year  Steve Aurell book "Steps to Faith"   A few thousand people  3 campuses. Foster City is the main campus; Recovery houses bring people to the meeting; “not over churchey,” sell AA Big Book NA Big book & Life Recovery Bible  (10 people on leadership--all sorts of time)

(c)    Pending also are a number of meetings and events in the San Jose, California, probably involving collaboration by Serenity Group of Oroville, California; Los Gatos California Calvary Church; and some of the San Jose and Northern California Christian recovery fellowship leaders and groups.

3.      A Two-Header A.A. History-Christian Recovery Conference has just been scheduled for Phoenix, Arizona, and Tucson, Arizona where the new Arch Builders program will be launching its nationwide new program. Dick B. and Ken B. are scheduled to be staying at Scottsdale Plaza Resort in Phoenix October 9 -12, 2013; and at Hilton Tucson East in Tucson October 12-14, 2013.  This new growth in the Christian Recovery/A.A. 12 Step Field in Arizona has been in the planning stage for almost a year; and involves listed A.A. meetings.

Flyers, continued blogs and announcements, emails, and further details will be available on all these events over the next four months.

For further information, contact Dick B., 808 276 4945;; PO Box  837, Kihei, HI 96753-0837; and follow Dick’s main blog at; and his Facebook comments on, as well as Twitter and other social media such as WordPress, Tumbler, Hub Pages, In the Rooms, Cyber Recovery Social, Daily Recovery, Christian Recovery Social, Linked-in, and others..


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