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Alcoholics Anonymous History

By Dick B.


Suggestions for an Important, Essential Element: A.A.’s Christian History and Bible Roots

Ø     Did you know that early A.A. in Akron was a Christian Fellowship?

Ø     Did you know that its basic ideas came from study of the Bible?

Ø     Did you know that its meetings were called “old fashioned prayer meetings?”

Ø     Did you know its principles and practices derived from the United Christian Endeavor Society?

Ø      Did you know that the Book of James, the Sermon on the Mount, and 1 Corinthians 13 were considered “absolutely essential” to the program?

Ø      Did you know that the pioneers achieved a 75% to 93% success rate—which they properly called “cures”—as the result of their program?

Ø      Do you agree that a knowledge of these facts strengthens and buttresses any Christian Track or Christian Recovery or Christian 12-Step or Christ-centered Recovery Program?

Here’s a Way to Jump-Start and Supplement

Your Own Program

Ø    Add to the knowledge, experience, and expertise of your counselors, facilitators, sponsors, and directors.

Ø    Add a segment to your program that informs students, newcomers, patients, and clients about A.A.’s Christian origins, history, pioneer program, and successes.

Ø     Take advantage of our 16 years of research on the history of early A.A.’s Christian Fellowship, Program, and Practices.

Ø    Arm yourself, your staff, and clients with:

Ø    (1) A REFERENCE SET they can consult for facts and further study.

Ø   (2) ONE OR MORE OF OUR BASIC TITLES on A.A.’s history, program, and cures.

Ø    (3) USE A PORTION OF YOUR PROGRAM to tell others what simply cannot be learned elsewhere in the either twelve-step literature or the secular recovery arena.

Ø   Please review our A.A. History Bookstore Flyer for Purchases.


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