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Alcoholics Anonymous History
The Good Book-Big Book Guidebook
How to Include the Creator’s Impact on Early A.A. in Recovery Today

By Dick B.

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The Good Book-Big Book Guidebook
How to Include the Creator’s Impact on Early A.A. in Recovery Today

You don’t need to leave A.A. or any 12 Step program or even a treatment program just because you are a Christian. Nor do you need to flee to an exclusively Christian Fellowship, Christian Treatment Program, or Christian Track Program just to believe or profess your beliefs in connection with your own recovery. You’re the boss. You need all the help you can get. We’ve long needed a guide that will use history to help you in your recovery—whatever your choice of fellowships, groups, recovery programs, or treatment programs. Early A.A.’s Christian Fellowship— with its emphasis on reliance on our Creator, acceptance of Christ, Bible study, prayer, guidance, fellowship, and witness—is nothing to be buried, to be hushed up, or to be afraid of mentioning. It’s a part of recovery history—the most important part, the part that set A.A. aside in the 1930’s as a cure for the medically incurable, an alternative to medicine, hospitalization, and clergy dominated ideas. It embraced them all, but struck out for the importance of a Society that took these ideas and let drunks be the message carriers. You can do this too and probably better if you know your history. Include this guide book in your reading. Include it in your recovery. Include it in your fellowship or group. Include it with any other recovery program, secular, Christian, or rational. It’s history. It tells you what worked. It tells you how you can choose to use it today if you wish. It will help you understand words and phrases and ideas that came from historical roots. And it doesn’t bash other ideas or fellowships. It seeks to inform all and urge them to include history in their curriculum. This is a guide to history that has not been used before. It’s a guide that will supplement and not replace. It’s a guide for you!

Contents of The Good Book-Big Book Guidebook: How to Include the Creator’s Impact on Early A.A. in Recovery Programs Today

Chap. 1:    History: The Inclusion in Recovery of A.A.’s Biblical Origins and Christian Fellowship
Chap. 2:    The Healing Evidence at the Time When A.A. Was Born
Chap. 3:    Alcoholics Anonymous, the Founders, Belief in Almighty God, and Divine Healing
Chap. 4:    The Spiritual Beginnings of A.A.
Chap. 5:    The Real Program of Early A.A.
Chap. 6:    The Materials from the Bible That Dr. Bob Considered “Absolutely Essential”
Chap. 7:    The Approach Early Akron AAs Took While They Sought Christian Healing
Chap. 8:    The Practical Use and Application of This Guide

Selected Bibliography
Appendix 1:    Catch the Wave
Appendix 2:    A.A. History Study Meetings

Paradise Research Publications, Inc.; 196 pp.; 6 x 9; perfect bound; 2006; $22.95; ISBN 1-885803-91-5


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