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Alcoholics Anonymous History
A Guide to Early A.A. Groups & Forming Similar Groups Today

By Dick B.

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By the Power of God
A Guide to Early A.A. Groups & Forming Similar Groups Today

So . . .

BY THE POWER OF GODYou are a Christian and thinking about leaving a Twelve Step program because you get roundly trounced if you mention your faith, the Bible, or God in your group; or 

You are a Christian and can't find a group in a Twelve Step program where there are like-minded believers who want to study early A.A.’s roots in the Bible; or

You are sick and tired about hearing of an “higher power” that can be a lightbulb, a tree, Santa Claus, the "group" itself, a radiator, a lizard, or Gertrude; or

You want to learn where early A.A.’s spiritual ideas really came from, and what Quiet Time, the Rev. Sam Shoemaker, the Oxford Group, Dr. Bob’s wife Anne Smith, and Christian literature contributed to the Twelve Steps; or

You just can’t understand why A.A. can have men’s groups, women’s groups, gay and lesbian groups, atheist groups, policemen’s groups, airline pilots groups, and yet there is severe and sarcastic criticism when you mention a Bible study group.

You are grateful to God, to A.A., to the Twelve Step program, and to your friends for what you found in A.A. AND YOU DON’T WANT TO LEAVE.

Can you find, does there exist, or may you start a Good Book/Big Book or A.A. Roots Group in today’s Twelve Step arena; or must you leave A.A. and go to a Christian alternative a Christ-centered Twelve Step group, or a religious fellowship?

In this book, Dick B., an active, recovered A.A., who is a Christian and a Bible student, tells you the history of A.A.’s biblical roots when it was a Christian Fellowship and achieved astonishing successes. He tells you what he and the men he has sponsored have done IN A.A. He discusses the widespread hunger in today’s Twelve Step groups for the truth about God, about Jesus Christ, about the Bible, and about how to be cured and healed by the power of God-–and still continue to help others who want to recover by that power of God. He shows you what the A.A. pioneers did. He shows you what many in A.A. today are doing with Christian retreats, Good Book/Big Books Study Groups, and historical literature, and how you can do likewise and still be an active contributor to the Twelve Step movement, and not a detractor.

Foreword by Ozzie Lepper, President/Managing Director, The Wilson House, East Dorset, VT

Contents of By the Power of God


Part 1:  The Starkness and Darkness of the Problem and the Simplicity of the Early Solution

Chap. 1:           My Personal Debt to, and Opportunities from, A.A.
Chap. 2:           What Believers Involved in Today’s Twelve Step Programs May Be Seeking
Chap. 3:           The Simple Program as A.A.’s Pioneers Described It
Chap. 4:           The Real Foundations of A.A.’s Pioneer Program

Part 2:  You Can Start a Good Book/Big Book Group in a Variety of Ways

Chap. 5:           The Basics Early AAs Borrowed from the Bible
Chap. 6:           The Oxford Group Path in Pioneer A.A.’s Steps
Chap. 7:           Quiet Time, Devotionals, and the Guidance of God
Chap. 8:           Anne Smith’s Specific Journal and Twelve Step Ideas

Part 3:  Sam Shoemaker, Bill’s Acknowledged Mentor, and A.A.’s Six Basic Roots

Chap. 9:           Oxford Group Leader Sam Shoemaker’s Input
Chap. 10:         Putting the Steps and Their Sources Together

Part 4:  A Vision for You

Chap. 11:         Can There Be Pioneer Groups in Today’s A.A.?
Chap. 12:         Guides for Groups Direct from A.A.’s Pioneers
Chap. 13:         What Such Meetings Can Accomplish
Chap. 14:         What You Can Do Today

Appendix:       Dr. Bob’s Bible and A.A. Group No. 1

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