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Alcoholics Anonymous History
Dick B.'s A.A. Audio Cassette Tapes

Each year at The Wilson House, Dick B. has been honored with an invitation to conduct a weekend seminar at Bill Wilson's birthplace on the subject of early A.A.'s spiritual history and successes and its roots in the Bible.

Glenn K. Audio Tapes has recorded and attractively packaged these sessions. If you would like to hear Dick B. "live" on the subject he has researched and published over a period of nine years, then contact Glen K., 28 Viola Drive, Glen Cove, NY 11542-3322. Phone: (516) 676-6328. Fax: (516) 674-5165. Email: See his web site:

SMILE GOD LOVES YOU TAPES has tapes of many of Dick's talks. In particular, there are many tapes of the "Came to Believe" Spiritual Retreat addresses by Dick in the Los Angeles and San Diego retreats.  Also, Rusty will soon have available all of Dick's presentation at THE FIRST NATIONWIDE ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS HISTORY CONFERENCE in Phoenix, Arizona, February 21 to 23, 2003. See his web site:

Dick B.
P.O. Box 837
Kihei, Hawaii
Ph/fax: 808-874-4876

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